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  September 26, 2016  
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The quality of our translations

Our translators are university graduates in translation and/or interpreting, translate only into their mother tongue, have the required technical expertise and have many years of experience that permit perfect mastery of the source and target languages


Our extremely competitive rates

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One of the keys to our success is our high-standard translations at very competitive prices. Our regular clients benefit from special rates. For more information, please log on to your account for a free estimate or send us an e-mail at  contact@itntranslation.com


Our Fast service and the immediate availability of a translator

We respect and honour delivery deadlines. Therefore, we have developed excellent project management to ensure on-time delivery. Furthermore, our network brings together a large number of in-house and freelance translators, worldwide, all aiming to meet and even exceed your expectations in every respect.


Our project management


We believe that a strict and clear project management procedure is essential to determine the exact work flow for all stages of a job. Good project management will promote translation quality, give our clients the key benefits of speed, security, flexibility and value, and will guarantee on-time delivery and low cost, even for the most complex projects.


Our wide geographic scope

Our offices are located in Beirut – LEBANON; however, our representatives and translators operate in many countries in the MEA, GCC, Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. We cover translations from/into all major languages.


The professional technical translation in all subject areas

Our translators have proven expertise and solid technical understanding of all subject matters. Our worldwide network gives us access to all fields of industry.


The proofreading and quality control made by professional language specialists

We believe that the essence of true quality control is in constant inspection. Our translations are subject to rigorous quality control and proofreading made by native speakers of the target language who have the relevant knowledge and expertise of the subject matter.  Our proofreaders are dedicated to ensure the perfection of your final document in every respect.

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